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  • In natural gas energy transformation, our factory has upgraded all the equipment, from the original use of coal energy to natural gas energy. Natural gas is the best gas fuel with high calorific value, complete combustion, low impurity content, few pollutants after combustion, can be preheated to high temperature, easy to realize automation, improve working conditions (environment and working intensity), and easy to be transported by pipeline.

  • The equipment that installs the dust collector and separates the dust from the flue gas is called dust collector or dust removal equipment. The function of the dust collector will be to filter out the dust, for the construction workers, the dust will have a great impact on their bodies, and there may be an explosion, which can be filtered out well through the dust collector. Mainly filter glass bottle production workshop, raw material workshop, and other indoor air purification treatment.

  • The main functions of photooxidation equipment are as follows:

  1. Photooxygen equipment uses a special high-energy beam to illuminate malodorous gases, thus cracking malodorous gases such as ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methanethiol, and so on.

    The molecular chains of organic or inorganic malodorous compounds will be degraded and transformed into low molecular compounds under the irradiation of a high-energy ultraviolet beam.

  2. after the malodorous gas is input into the photo oxygen equipment using the exhaust equipment, the malodorous gas is decomposed and oxidized by a high-energy C-wave beam including ozone, so that the malodorous gas is degraded and transformed into low molecular weight compounds, water, and carbon dioxide, which is then discharged through the exhaust duct.

  3. The molecular bond of bacteria in malodorous gas is broken by a high-energy UV beam, and the nucleic acid of bacteria is destroyed, and then oxidized by ozone, finally, achieving the purpose of deodorization and killing bacteria.

  4. Using high-energy and high-ozone UV beams to decompose oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen, that is, reactive oxygen species, resulting in ozone.

    On the other hand, ozone has a very strong oxidation effect on organic matter and has an immediate effect on the elimination of malodorous gases and other irritating odors.

    The installation of environmental protection equipment has not only effectively improved our local environment, but also made our factory go further and better on the road to sustainable development.

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