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Glass bottles can't be packed without caps and labels. As one of reputable glass bottle cap manufacturers, we offer many kinds of bottle caps: natural wood, metal, synthetic, plastic and more, to meet diverse preferences and requirements. With the development of technology, the combined bottle stopper has been widely used. Such as the combination of metal and plastic, wood and polymer materials, has been recognized by most businesses. Technological innovation also makes these corks more stable and safer, more environmentally friendly and hygienic. Label is also an indispensable packaging material, and it is the best choice to reflect the company's brand LOGO. With the development of the type of label, the craftsmanship is also more sophisticated. Whether it is self-adhesive, zinc alloy, printing and other processes are very mature. Whichever you choose, we can achieve excellent quality.

Types of Cap/Closures/Labels for Glass

Frequently Asked Questions Of Cap/Closures/Labels for Glass

How does a Ropp capper work?


Ropp cap is a bottle cap which is made of aluminum and cannot be recovered after it has been packaged and opened. It can be printed in a variety of colors. 

The sealing effect is achieved by using the pressing thread of the sealing machine to match the thread of the glass bottle. Ropp bottle cap is the most commonly used sealing method for wine packaging.

How do you keep wine fresh after opening?


1. Use a vacuum pump to extract as much extra oxygen as possible from the bottle. 

2. Fill the bottle with compressed nitrogen. 

3. Refrigerated, it will be more effective if combined with vacuum plug. 

4. Pack it in a small bottle


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