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Get wholesale wine glass bottle for your wine. The charm of wine lies in its color, its taste, its romance. The same is true of the quality charm of the wine bottle. A high-quality glass wine bottle is not just a container, but also a part of the wine story. Various styles of wine bottles produced by renowned wine glass bottle supplier show the value of brands, whether it is simple and elegant or modern beauty, wine glass bottles wholesale can ensure the original flavor of the wine.   

What are you waiting for, my friend? Being a prominent wine glass bottle supplier, we offer all kinds of high-quality empty glass wine bottles wholesale. Come and choose a glass bottle of high-end wine suitable for your wine.

Types of Wine Glass Bottles Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions Of Wine Glass Bottles Wholesale

Does bottle color matter for wine?


Most of the wines on the market are filled with brown bottles, but there are also many bottles of other colors. The green wine bottle can block the light from entering the wine, effectively prevent the excessive oxidation of wine, and provide a better environment for the storage of wine, which is beneficial to the aging of wine. Brown wine bottle, like green wine bottle, has a certain blocking effect on light, which can prevent the oxidation of wine and is conducive to the aging storage of wine. However, the light filtering degree of brown wine bottle is higher than that of green wine bottle, so brown wine bottle is more beneficial to the aging of wine. White wine bottles do not have much ability to filter light, so white wine bottles are generally not suitable for the aging storage of wine, mainly suitable for some white wines and peach wines. White wine bottle can give people a fresh and transparent feeling, can show the attractive color of wine to consumers, at the same time, it can make it very easy for consumers to observe whether the wine has precipitation and impurities and other phenomena, easy to buy. 

The color of wine bottles does not determine the quality of wine, different color wine bottles are only used to hold different vintages, it can not be said that which color of wine must be good.

What is the dimple in a wine bottle called?


The large indent in the base of wine bottles is known as a punt. The grooves at the bottom of the wine bottle prove that the wine can be stored for a long time, which can prevent the secondary filling of the wine bottle, help to collect the precipitates in the wine and enhance the pressure resistance of the wine bottle, and play a certain role in protecting the wine.


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