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Water is the guarantee of life, and water is a symbol of life. The combination of natural mineral water and glass bottles is a combination of beauty and goodness, a combination of natural and green, and a combination of safety, health, and happiness. Glass is the world's most recognized food packaging material. The glass transmittance is impermeable and has high strength and hardness. It has reliable chemical stability and obstruction. It has no pollution to the content, does not contain plasticizers, and does not contain bisphenol A. Many high-end people in the TV series and the mineral water for the meeting are glass bottles. We offer custom glass water bottles wholesale tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Types of Custom Water Glass Bottles Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions Of Water Glass Bottles Wholesale

Why are water bottles cylindrical in shape?


We all know that water is used to drink directly, so it is made into a cylindrical container, which makes it more convenient to hold and drink. 

And cylindrical containers are designed to offset some additional storage costs, so mineral water bottles are designed to be cylindrical, entirely for convenience and cost savings. 

In addition, the cylindrical bottle is the most material-saving and high-strength structure in the same volume.

Is water in glass bottles better?


At present, high-grade mineral water is packed in glass bottles, on the one hand, glass packaging is of high grade, on the other hand, glass packaging can better ensure the quality of mineral water. 

When people drink water or other drinks from glass bottles, they do not have to worry that chemicals will be drunk into their stomachs, and the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean, and bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the walls of the bottle, so it can be seen that the glass bottle is healthy and safe. 

Glass bottles can be reused and can save energy and reduce pollution compared with plastic bottles. 

The reuse of glass bottles can not only save a lot of water, oil, natural gas and other resources, but also reduce pollution and is very convenient. 

The quality of water in glass bottles is also better than that in plastic bottles. 

By the same token, it is safe for glasses to drink water.


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