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Discover Premium Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale Options at RSG!

RSG offers a diverse range of wholesale glass beer bottles, meticulously curated to meet the varied needs of brewers worldwide, ensuring both durability and style.

71% of the world's beer is filled in glass beer bottles. As the mainstream packaging of beer packaging, the beer glass container uses its non-chaotic material structure, pollution-free, and low prices have been favored by the beer industry. 

At RSG, we understand the importance of reliable packaging for your beer. Whether you're bottling your latest home brew creation or stocking up for a large-scale production run, our wholesale options have you covered.

When seeking the durable glass beer container, consider RSG for glass beer bottles wholesale options. Explore our collection of glass beer bottles below. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us today for custom glass beer bottle solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Types of Beer Glass Bottles

Frequently Asked Questions Of Beer Bottles

What is a standard beer bottle?


Internal pressure. Internal pressure is an important safety indicator of beer bottle products. Since there is a certain CO2 in the filling beer, the beer bottle as a beverage bottle with CO2 should strictly meet the internal pressure requirements of internationally regulations. Some developed countries have an internal resistance of ≥1.6MPa, and the international standards of Japan are 1.8MPa. Otherwise, due to insufficient internal pressure of beer bottles, it will cause beer bottles Essence

Anti -impact intensity. The biggest weakness of the glass bottle is crispy. Glass beer bottles often occur in the process of production packaging, beer filling, transportation, and use. Select beer bottles that can be recycled multiple times, and beer bottles that are used more than the number of times need to be eliminated directly.

Why is beer sold in 330ml bottles?


There is no standard regulations on the capacity of beer bottles. People are used to the capacity of 330ml. In the United States, there is a standard drinking concept of alcohol, that is, Standard Drink. A standard drink contains about 14g of alcohol. The alcoholic content of beer is generally around 5, which requires 12 ounces of ordinary beer,that is 330ml. There is no specific source of this standard, perhaps to prevent people from transitioning.


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