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Cylinder champagne, often encased within impeccably crafted glass champagne bottles, refers to the special standard wine. Bubbles are the identity of champagne. They will continue in young wines. As the aging time is long, bubbles will decrease, but they become more delicate and dense.

The champagne glass bottle is different from red wine bottle and white wine bottle. The champagne glass bottle is made of special glass. The bottle wall is uniform and strong pressure resistance. There's a wide array of colorful champagne glass bottles available, ranging from elegant dark blue champagne bottle to sleek black champagne bottle and shimmering gold color champagne bottle, among others. You can browse the champagne type catalogue below or contact rsg glass for the complete list, pricing details, and further assistance.

Types of Wine Champagne Glass Bottles

Frequently Asked Questions Of Champagne Glass Bottles

What type of glass are champagne bottles made of?


The pressure in the champagne bottle is 5 kg. Since the 17th century, a fermentation process has been used to make champagne. This process will generate a large amount of carbon dioxide, which makes the air pressure in the bottle reach 5 to 6 standard atmospheric pressure, which is equivalent to applying 5 kg pressure on the wall of the glass bottle per square centimeter.

This is unbearable by ordinary wine bottles. Therefore, the bottle of champagne is much thicker than ordinary wine bottles, and the degree of resistance is doubled. Therefore, the formula of the glass bottle during production must be accurate. After the filling is completed, the bottle plug should be fixed with the wire mesh to avoid the bottle plugged out.

Champagne Bottle Sizes


Standard bottles of champagne contain eight cups (750ml), half bottles are four cups (375ml), two bottles (185ml) are sixteen cups, and there are four bottles or larger bottles. 

The smallest is half-bottle (87ml), only pour two cups.


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