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heavy base 500ml glass bottle 1
heavy base 500ml glass bottle 1
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Heavy Base 500ml Glass Bottle Low MOQ

Our 500ml round glass bottle, with its short neck, thick bottom, and an endearingly plump body, is an ideal choice for bottling a variety of spirits. The wooden cork stopper adds a touch of traditional charm to the bottle, ensuring an airtight seal that maintains the purity and aroma of the spirits.

The rounded curves of the bottle not only provide an attractive appearance but also offer a comfortable grip, making pouring and enjoying an effortless experience. The thick bottom design increases the stability of the bottle and adds a sense of sturdiness, showcasing an elegant demeanor in any setting.

With a moderate capacity, this glass bottle is perfect for containing all types of spirits, such as whiskey, vodka, and rum. Whether for commercial sale or personal collection, this bottle beautifully complements the quality and character of the spirits it holds.

Choose our 500ml round glass bottle to provide a practical and attractive packaging option for your spirits, allowing it to stand out among many choices and leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

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Specifications of Heavy Base 500ml Glass Bottle Low MOQ

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Benefits of Heavy Base 500ml Glass Bottle Low MOQ

Here are the benefits of the 500ml round glass bottle with a short neck, thick bottom, and a plump body, featuring a wooden cork stopper:

Traditional Charm: The wooden cork stopper lends a classic and elegant look that appeals to consumers seeking a traditional presentation for their spirits.

Airtight Seal: The cork ensures an airtight seal, preserving the quality, taste, and aroma of the spirits over time.

Ergonomic Design: The rounded body provides a comfortable grip, making it easy to handle and pour without spilling.

Stability: The thick bottom offers enhanced stability, reducing the likelihood of the bottle tipping over and ensuring safe storage and display.

Elegant Aesthetics: The plump and rounded silhouette creates an attractive appearance that complements the presentation of premium spirits.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of spirits, this bottle can be used for whiskey, vodka, rum, and more, making it a versatile packaging option.

Customization: The clear glass allows for easy customization with labels, embossing, or other branding techniques, enhancing brand visibility.

Eco-Friendly: Made from recyclable glass, this bottle is an environmentally friendly choice that aligns with green initiatives.

Temperature Retention**: The glass material helps maintain the ideal serving temperature of the spirits, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Cost-Effective: The moderate size and design offer a cost-effective packaging solution that doesn't compromise on quality or appearance.

By selecting this 500ml round glass bottle, you're providing a packaging option that is not only functional and secure but also enhances the presentation and marketability of your spirits.

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